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Daily BS morning mug shots 8-22


Good morning!

There is so much stuff people are buzzing about this morning! Brew another pot. Let’s go!

WILD! The driver of a Ford F-150 mowed down a number of pedestrians in Atlanta and man, what a dramatic scene this ended up being!

You can find more on this story on page!

Do you think they wish he hadn’t come?

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This was a heated moment and a bizarre response from the mayor. Social media was buzzing with mostly outrage.

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We told you about the TwitterX feud between Elon Musk and James Woods yesterday. It had Woods fans in an absolute panic, thinking he was going to take his ball and leave the playground. But, he is smarter than that. Here is his response:

What the heck is going on at TwitterX? Musk says he’s having fun blocking people.


There is no context to this photo, but. sadly, there does not need to be. We all have seen it over and over again. The powerful statement says it all.

I wasn’t sure about this video at first until I read what it was about. My mind exploded after that.

Would I drive this? OMG! I think I had a heart attack just watching this video!

Hard to believe this is actual history and we are living in an actual clown world now.

We shared this story yesterday and commented that something seemed off. We like to wait for all the facts before hyping a hate crime. (We’re funny like that). We’re old enough to remember Jussie Smollett.

We also tend to refrain from lumping all crazies into one category for political gains, so yes, it looks like the report is valid that the “Pride flag” may have triggered this nut, but we’d like to go ahead and put him in the same bucket as the trans shooter in Nashville, Audry Hale, who entered the Covenant Christian School and killed three young students and three staff members. You know, the one with a whole redacted manifesto.

They are mentally unstable killers. Period. Anything else is feeding the pure political hype.

This is allegedly from the shooter’s social media:

You can find more on this story on page!

Saving the longest for last. You will need another refill. Tucker is at it again!

Enjoy your Tuesday and please let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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