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Daily BS mug shots 8-28



Good morning, my friends!

For anyone just joining us, we share snapshots of the day’s news that people are already talking about on social media. There is no method to the “mug shots” madness, we just throw in what we think is buzz-worthy.

We wake up and start each weekday with a pot of fresh coffee and the news of the day. Looking forward to you all starting a conversation in the comments!

So, let’s dig in.

Speaking of mug shots …

Fed-up former president, Donald J. Trump is having a hard time believing that the Republicans in Congress are still searching for a spine. “IMPEACH the BUM or FADE INTO OBLIVION.” He’s not wrong.

Can I just say, this is a great thing to wake up to on a Monday morning!

Truth from Chuck Todd? He sounded worried. Yikes.

Do not forget how everything is connected ( Oh no, did that sound too conspiratorial?)

It’s always a good day when an extremely articulate Conservative makes Chuck Todd look like a 5-year-old. Ramaswamy came prepared but he’s also quick on his feet.

Sad, but very much worth watching!

He ain’t black.

Watch your LOCAL politics! They slip right in because nobody is really paying attention.

Here is President Biden’s statement on the Jacksonville shooting. If you can get through the whole thing, you are a better human than me.

This looks kind of interesting.

Nikki is not the first choice for president but she does have a point here.

And, just for fun …

Thank goodness for the most positive person we know to give us a boost. Let America’s Small Caffeinated Mom encourage you with a super quick shot of espresso! Have a great Monday!

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