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Good morning! Fresh cup. Here we go!

Can we just start with something fun this morning? If you have not heard this, it is hilarious.

This is a REALLY bold statement if it is true. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few weeks to find out, but it’s a safe bet Gavin Newsom is making celebratory reservations at his favorite lockdown restaurant, just in case.

Here are some interesting questions.  Thoughts?

Speaking of Ramaswamy… You have to admit that the guy is a MASTER when it comes to dealing with liberal A-hole talking heads. I watched this twice, just for fun.

Parents, PLEASE WAKE UP AND FIGHT! They honestly believe parents should not have rights. It’s not a gimmick or a fad. They believe it and they are fighting to make it happen. In many cases, they are winning. Forget politics for a minute. They are taking your rights as a parent away. Children need parents. We cannot let them do this.

“Mr. President? Mr. President? Mr. President?”… BLANK STARE.

When you spend three hundred and something days on vacation and a reporter asks you how the campaign is going, this is what you get… If his babysitters are not going to allow him to speak, they should at least pretend to be talking to him so he doesn’t look like a lost child.

I feel sorry for people in Tennessee lately. These nuts are nuts.

Speaking of nuts … LOVING the blockade backlash lately, but someone is really going to get hurt if these fools don’t knock it off.

Gotta run, but …

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