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Daily BS mug shots 8-31


Good morning, friends.

If you are joining for the first time, you are about to experience a morning jolt of fresh news and social events we find interesting and buzzworthy — presented in small shots. We call it the Daily BS mug shots and our hope is that it will trigger some healthy discussion. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of fresh brew ( whatever your preference).

Let’s begin!

I think most Americans agree that something needs to be done about lawmakers who are no longer up to the task. Term limits? Age limits? What is the answer?  Sadly, the voters keep voting these people back in.

We hope McConnell is okay, of course, but we deserve better.

This was a jolting statement. A great interview, and a JOLTING STATEMENT. Who agrees with Tucker?

This story has a happy ending in a victory for the First Amendment. Every day brings new hope.

We will just let this one speak for itself!

She is not as cute as she thinks she is.

On behalf of the entire country …

Not a political post, but yet a political post. THIS is what we face as a country today. Who can live? These are 350 square feet! It is insane, but it is reality.

Just gross!

We had to include this second Tucker clip. Even more jolting than the first!

We are out of time. WOW! Off to prep more news!

Have a GREAT DAY! Talk to each other over coffee. Leave us some thoughts in the comment section!

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