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Daily BS mug shots 9-4


If you are joining for the first time, you are about to experience a morning jolt of fresh news and social events we find interesting and buzzworthy — presented in small shots. We call it the Daily BS mug shots and our hope is that it will trigger some healthy discussion. It’s best enjoyed with a cup of fresh brew ( whatever your preference).


Good morning. Happy Labor Day!  Take it in slowly today!

As for us, we still have work to do this morning gathering the news. Resting later!

President Joe Biden went from the basement to homeless?

Oprah is going to feel the fire for a VERY LONG TIME after what she did. This is a great clip.

In  2020 Antifa and BLM rioters breached the White House perimeter, injured nearly 60 Secret Service men, and sent the US president to a bunker. There are multiple videos buzzing around social media showing the days and nights of violence. Footage has been front and center since 2020, but the press did not care. Did anyone get 15 years in prison? This was not an insurrection but January 6th was? How stupid are we?

Update from Burning Man in case anyone cares.”We’re gonna burn the man tonight.”

More James Woods … And look at the write-up he is sharing. Welcome to the future. The future is now.

For a real shocker, watch CNN take shots at Anthony Fauci. Late to the party, but pretty telling.

In case you missed this. We don’t condone violence, but fed-up business owners with bats don’t make us too mad.

Finally, thoughts on the Mayor of Margaritaville and his passing this weekend. Let’s forget politics for a bit and raise a glass to him today as we celebrate with friends and loved ones!


Don’t forget your quick shot of espresso.

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