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Bo Snerdley: Fentanyl-filled daycare owners arrested after toddler dies. Where’s Joe Biden?


Nicholas Feliz Dominici was killed during his first week of daycare.
Yeissy Dominici/Facebook

Arrests have been made in a heartbreaking case that unfolded in the Bronx, New York this past weekend.

The 36-year-old owner of El Divino Nino Daycare, Gina Mendez, and a 41-year-old man identified as Carlisto Acevedo Brito are facing charges of murder and manslaughter and perhaps others, following the death of a 1-year-old child whose parents had left him to be cared for at the daycare center.

Early news reports suggested a lethal exposure to the drug fentanyl was suspected of causing the infant’s death, and of harming other children at the daycare center. That suggestion was bolstered by later reports that police had discovered a kilo of fentanyl in a closet at the daycare center, along with devices used to package the drug. Police now believe the daycare center was being used as a front for the operation, and other drug dealers were the primary clients.

There are still many unanswered questions. How 1-year-old Nicholas Feliz-Dominici, who died, and other children came in contact with the drug remains unclear. Two toddlers and an 8-month-old girl received medical attention for exposure to the drug, but thankfully are expected to pull through.

We may never know the answer to other obvious questions. Where did the fentanyl come from? Was it manufactured here, or was this batch part of the flood of fentanyl the cartels sent via the open southern borders the Biden Administration willfully ignores?  News reports indicate China is aware that fentanyl is being manufactured there in massive amounts, with the United States targeted as the desired destination. If that is in fact true, is the Chinese government complicit in this, and thousands of other deaths from fentanyl in America? Or, are those reports false – and intentionally being circulated to smear the Chinese government, while ignoring the true culprits?

Another uncomfortable question arises, and that is the status of the two suspects in this case. Given the fact that almost 7 million people have entered the country illegally since Joe Biden took office, on top of the roughly 20 million who were already here illegally, one can not help but wonder about it. As offensive as it may be to some.

The sad reality is none of the questions will matter much to the grieving parents who have lost a beautiful son. It is hard to imagine the total anguish they must be experiencing. They bring their child to be cared for at what they think is a reputable daycare center, only to come back to find him dead. Not because of an unavoidable accident, but because of the greed, criminality, and evil behavior of people posing as daycare operators. Who in the world would think it a good idea to have one of the most lethal drugs in history, at the same location most vulnerable among us, babies, can be exposed to them?

If the early reporting on these arrests bears true, the two individuals who have been charged in this horrific case should spend the rest of their lifetimes reflecting on it – while being held accountable.