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Awkward cringe moment Kamala Harris tells 60 Min. reporter: ‘Joe Biden is very much alive … so, there we are’


Uh-oh. They let Vice President Kamala Harris speak on 60 Minutes. How did it go?

Exactly how you might have suspected …

One of the more cringeworthy moments came as the language challenged VP reassured reporter Bill Whitaker that President Joe Biden is still “very much alive.”

The question itself was kind of hilarious. Whitaker could have won an award for his dancing.

He was trying hard to ask, “why do so many people in your party vehemently shun you and cringe at the thought of you running?”

It came out more like this: “We were talking to some Democratic donors … they have told us that if something should befall President Biden and he is not able to run… you are in the spot that it would be a natural for you to step up, but we’re hearing from donors that they would not naturally fall into line. Why is that?”


 Harris replied: ‘Well, first of all, I’m not gonna engage in that hypothetical, because Joe Biden is very much alive and running for reelection. So, there we are.’

Cue the awkward silence!

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