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Zelenskyy pitches US giving him credit, he’ll pay back after war – no word on cut to ‘The Big Guy’


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Ukrainian President and fundraiser-in-chief  Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared on NBC News with creative suggestions on how the world can give him more money for Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

One idea that captured attention was a pitch for public loans from the United States.

Specifically addressing skeptical Americans ( around the 29-minute mark) Zelenskyy says, “If you can’t give us some financial support, ok, give us credit, please, and we will give you back money after the war.’

There was no discussion of what percentage would go to “The Big Guy.”

Asked when the US can be expected to stop identifying as an ATM, Zelenskyy said that it will be at least one year before he expects to re-evaluate the country’s stability and need for funds.

If you can stomach it, there is plenty more to unpack in the 40-minute interview, but you might want to wait until you are well into happy hour. Just a suggestion.

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