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First photos of cocaine found at White House revealed in docs after Freedom of Information Act request


Months after an investigation was closed without answers or arrests, photos have emerged of the bag of cocaine that was discovered at the White House.

“The Secret Service included images of the bag of white powder that was found in a cubby hole used to store personal belongings near the White House’s West Executive entrance in response to a Freedom of Information Act request” by the Daily Mail, the outlet reported Monday.

“Cocaine was found in locker No. 50 on Sunday, July 2 while the Biden family – including son Hunter – was spending the weekend away at Camp David ahead of the Fourth of July holiday,” the report continued, noting how the investigation by the Secret Service lasted 11 days and concluded with no suspects identified or arrests made.

(Image: Daily Mail/ Photo of baggie of cocaine discovered in the White House on July 2)

At the time the substance was discovered, the West Wing was evacuated and a HAZMAT team responded to the emergency.

“The list of suspects had been narrowed down to 500, but security footage wasn’t able to determine the owner as cameras do not face the locker area. It is unclear if any suspects were interviewed during the short investigation,” Daily Mail noted. “Lockers aren’t assigned to specific personnel, a source familiar with the setup told, but instead guests can choose a locker to use and then take a key.”

A source told the Daily Mail that “someone taking a tour was the likeliest culprit because anyone with any familiarity of the White House would know that there’s a bathroom steps away where the contraband could have been flushed.”

“Documents obtained by include updates in real time, like the description that a ‘1” by 1” bag of white powdery substance was found near where pass holders put their phones when going into the [redacted],'” the outlet reported. “Another document said that the individual who found the cocaine ‘was confident it was drug related.'”

Communications obtained by the Daily Mail show the extensive back and forth that went on as the Secret Service fielded questions and media requests for more information about the substance and the investigation.

“A redacted email on July 10 was headed ‘Clear the Air,'” the outlet reported. “In it, an official wrote that the substance was not at the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center – which defends the U.S. against biological threats – and instead at Quantico.”

“The official wrote: ‘Special Agent [redacted] is still waiting for the final lab report, and authorization to have the item sent back to DC from his higher-ups, who are supposedly talking with USSS (Secret Service) 8th floor staff,'” the report continued.

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