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Elon Musk leaks a copy of Disney’s ‘inclusion standards’ and it’s worse than you think


Elon Musk deserves prime place in history for bringing back free speech to the largest social media platform in the world. The most delicious part is that he doesn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch, Musk plays in his own sandbox. And his latest post kicks sand all up in Disney’s eyes.

Musk shared a leaked graphic of the woke company’s inclusion standards sent to him by an anonymous source and he didn’t mince any words in his analysis.

Naturally, the question we all want to ask … “Elon, can you buy Disney and fix it?”

This isn’t the first taste of Disney’s slap in the face to Walt and family values. Here’s a throwback from Disney corporate president Karey Burke in 2022. She explains everything.

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