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Confused, mumbling Biden wanders behind podium, stares at the floor as Jordanian king speaks


President Joe Biden is doing little to assuage the concerns of Americans over his mental health as he appeared confused again during an appearance with the king of Jordan.

The 81-year-old who has been making headlines for repeated gaffes and questionable behavior in the past week again drew attention to his mental faculties as he appeared confused alongside King Abdullah II of Jordan on Monday.

“Your majesty, over to you,” he told the leader as he introduced him at the White House, after what appeared to be an odd reference to former President Barack Obama.

But even as the king prepared to deliver his remarks, Biden was busy evidently trying to figure out where he should be standing. This led to an awkward few moments as the president moved around behind Abdullah, gazing at the floor while deciding which place marked where he should remain.

At one point, when the king seemed to look over his shoulder for the president, Biden was not there but on the opposite side.

“I switched sides on you,” the president quipped as he moved yet again, this time to the left of the king who just smiled.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured reporters on Monday that the president remains “sharp” and “on top of things” while noting he would not be taking any cognitive tests along with his annual physical.

This is despite the ongoing concerns of Americans who have watched the progression of Biden’s physical and mental decline and against the backdrop of a special counsel report that essentially confirmed Biden’s memory is failing.

“The world is laughing at US,” wrote the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a post on X

Others on social media also raised concerns.

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