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Bo Snerdley: Dems want to silence ‘spoiler’ RFK Jr., GOP better bring a better ground game


The treatment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by the Democratic Party and the Biden administration is “disgraceful” as far as radio host James Golden is concerned.

Golden, known on his popular radio show as Bo Snerdley, took a hard look at the many ways the party has tried to silence Kennedy who, despite a family legacy with Democrats, left the party to run for president as an Independent.

Speaking on NewsNation’s “Morning in America” on Tuesday, Snerdley expressed that President Joe Biden’s campaign is right to be worried about Kennedy’s run for office. Biden’s surrogates have long been raising an alarm about the Independent candidate being a “spoiler” in the election, taking votes away from the president and potentially handing a victory to former President Donald Trump in November.

NewsNation host Markie Martin noted that the Biden team has “gone on the offensive” since Kennedy announced his running mate and has reportedly raised more than $2 million. The Democratic National Committee has reportedly created a “communications team only dedicated to countering RFK Jr. and other third party candidates,” Martin noted, asking Snerdley, “Should President Biden be worried?”

“President Biden should be worried just because of his own track record, let alone any other candidate,” Snerdley replied.

“But here’s the thing, the treatment of Robert Kennedy by the Democrat Party, by the DNC and by the Biden campaign, by the Biden White House…is nothing short of disgraceful,” the author and “Rush Hour” host asserted.

He pointed to the refusal of Biden to provide Secret Service protection to Kennedy, despite his family’s tragic history as both his father, Robert F. Kennedy, and his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, were assassinated. RFK Jr. has also had some incidents on the campaign trail but has been rebuffed by the Biden administration each time he has requested the Secret Service protection that has traditionally been afforded to presidential candidates.

“Now you have this concerted effort by the DNC to suppress votes. And that’s what it is – people that want to vote for Robert Kennedy, they want to make sure that he’s not on the ballot so that those votes are suppressed,” Snerdley continued.

The Democrat Party “likes to lecture us about truth to power” but wants to “silence” Kennedy because he speaks an “alternative narrative,” Snerdley contended.

“This is also a party that always lectures the American public about the fragility of our democracy,” he said, noting how they are, instead, “thwarting a legitimate candidate” from taking part in the election.

Snerdley suggested that the Biden team is now worried about Kennedy because his “message is resonating” while pointing out that Kennedy’s run may impact the Trump campaign as well, by taking away votes that may have gone to the presumptive Republican nominee.

Both campaigns “had better do their best to secure a great ground game in November,” Snerdley told Martin.

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