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Trump’s feisty attorney Alina Habba mocks her trolls while hacking up an avocado


Former President Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba skilfully decimated her critics in a mocking video aimed at those who made fun of her for cutting celery incorrectly.

The 40-year-old legal representative for the presumptive GOP nominee told trolls to “get a life” in a video message as she brandished a knife, hacking into an avocado and calling out haters who laughed at her “sawing” celery in a clip shared by her friend on social media.

Habba’s video directly addressed the repost of her celery cutting by Trump critic Ron Filipkowski which has garnered nearly one million views on X.

Insulting responses to the video included, “The knife is as sharp as she is,” and “Her cutting technique is as good as her lawyering techniques.” Trolls mocked her cutting skills, the cutting board and even her clothing.

The original clip was posted by “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast member Siggy Flicker who said Habba was at her home to make a brisket for the family’s observance of Passover.

“Breaking for the Trollski’s, I can’t cut an avocado either,” Habba responded in her jab back at the trolls.

“Hey guys, I have never done a video like this but I thought I would try because Ron Filipkowski is getting over a million views for me chopping celery,” she said in the clip shot in what is likely her own kitchen.

“So here I am eating avocado,” she added as she took a bite.

“Hey Ron Trollskis, I’m not good at this either,” Habba noted as she lifted up her cutting board to show the chopped-up avocado. “Get a life!”

Not surprisingly, there was a resurgence of criticism about her kitchen skills from those who clearly did not understand the subtleties of sarcasm.

But Habba, who represented Trump in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil fraud case, had plenty of fans on X as well who applauded her takedown of the critics.

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