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Ashley Biden confirms the diary suggesting sexual abuse by her dad Joe is real


Once again, the story of Ashley Biden’s infamous “stolen diary” has surfaced and this time, a letter from the daughter of President Joe Biden seems to confirm it is the real deal.

As reports indicated Joe Biden’s 42-year-old daughter wrote to a judge and essentially confirmed that the diary was hers, the fact-checking site Snopes updated its assessment. Social media users jumped on the update and the purported contents of Ashley Biden’s letter, filling X with comments and sending her name trending.

Last month, fact-checking site Snopes reported: “Because published court documents including the written testimony of Ashley Biden herself demonstrate the reality of the diary, the claim that it has been ‘confirmed’ is True.”

Ahead of the criminal sentencing last month of the woman who stole the diary, Ashley Biden reportedly wrote to U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain to say she would not be in attendance. Weeks after Swain sentenced Aimee Harris, she ordered the letter unsealed. The New York Times published the contents of the letter at the end of April.

“My goal in asking Your Honor to impose a term of incarceration is to ensure that another woman isn’t bullied and shamed like this ever again,” Ashley Biden wrote, according to CNBC. “The despair I have often felt will never truly go away. But I ask Your Honor to hold Ms. Harris accountable so that she thinks twice before doing it to someone else.”

“I am deeply saddened that I even have to write this letter because my personal private journal was stolen and sold for profit,” Biden wrote.

“The point of the theft, I assume, was to be able to peddle grotesque lies by distorting my stream-of-consciousness thoughts,” she added. “The reason I have decided to not attend tomorrow’s sentencing in person is because it would only increase my pain. Nonetheless, I write to ask Your Honor to sentence the defendant to time in prison.”

The theft of her diary, in BIden’s view, “constitute one of the most heinous forms of bullying, not to mention a complete violation of my privacy and personal dignity.”

“After being the victim of a crime in my early twenties, I developed PTSD,” Biden wrote.“The journal that was stolen was part of my efforts to heal. I am a private citizen, targeted only because my father happened to be running to be President. In other words, the extensive work I have done to move past my trauma was undone by Ms. Harris’s actions.”

“I will forever have to deal with the fact that my personal journal can be viewed online,” Biden wrote, claiming she is “constantly re-traumatized” by it. “Repeatedly, I hear others grossly misinterpret my once-private writings and lob false accusations that defame my character and those of the people I love.”

Snopes noted last month: “Previous versions of this fact check noted ‘strong evidence’ that the diary existed, but argued that no source had authenticated the contents of the pages published online, writing that ‘the authenticity of photographs purported to be from a diary is a separate question from the factual existence of a diary.'”

“Ashley Biden’s letter to the court, in Snopes’ view, provides that authentication,” the outlet determined.