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Being pro-life is more than ‘no’ to prostitution and abortion


Opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of the author.

In New York, they’re at it again. As if the legalization of marijuana and so-called criminal-justice reforms weren’t enough, some Democrats have set their sights on a new objective–the legalization of prostitution.

“We criminalize individuals for engaging in consensual, adult activities,” said Assemblywoman Phara Souffrant Forest. “You deserve to say yes and get paid.”

Supporters of the bill argue that criminalization of prostitution makes sex workers less safe and contributes to violence. Others, including Republicans in the legislature, disagree, citing research showing higher levels of human trafficking in countries where prostitution is legal. Sponsors of the bill acknowledge that it is unlikely to pass.

“The ‘pro-life’ party strikes again.” Such was my cynical assessment upon hearing the news. To many, the Democrat party is the party of abortion, radical feminism, open borders, gender confusion, criminal reform that actually isn’t, and ever-growing political persecution of its opponents. Not every registered Democrat voter may hold to these beliefs, but the loudest, harshest voices (i.e., those who hold the power) do.

As a Republican, I am staunchly pro-life in every way, not just in the labor room. I believe that babies deserve to live; that being female is a privilege and a gift; that our border should be protected as fiercely as our homes; that there are two genders and we don’t and cannot choose; that enforcement of the law keeps everyone safe; and that we have a right to think, speak, and worship without oppression. Though some of my fellow Republicans may disagree, I believe that I speak for millions here.

As a red-blooded American woman, I believe that babies should live. I believe that the traditional family is the best way for children to be raised. I believe that prostitution threatens the health and vitality of the holy institution of marriage and, as such, it hurts our land. If the family is the building block of society, then it is our duty to spend our lives in the pursuit of healthy families. Generations to come will be impacted by how we live. This is a pro-life life.

I believe that being a woman is a gift. We were made to give life, we women, and nothing is a greater blessing. Even those who never bear children can be life givers by their deep, true love for those around them. A good-hearted woman can nurture, encourage, and fiercely defend the weak (witness Mother Teresa). In so doing, she offers life to the world. This is a pro-life way to live.

I believe in the defense and protection of our country. Just as we protect and defend our homes, we should protect and defend this land. It is not harsh and unloving; it is, in fact, the opposite. Just as there are legal ways for others to enter our homes, there are legal ways to enter our country. It is a most loving and gracious thing, this offer of safe, acceptable entrance. This, too, is pro-life.

I believe that in God’s sovereignty, he created male and female. Happy are they who accept their lot and live their lives according to what he has ordained. It matters not who rants or rails or accuses or hates, those of us who accept and celebrate our divine assignments have found a secret to a joyful, contented life. It is so sweet, we cannot possibly be coerced to give it up or allow it to be taken away. And one more time, this is a pro-life belief.

In the framework of life, I believe that the enforcement of laws brings safety and order to society. Innocent citizens should live and operate freely under the law’s protection, not criminals who’ve chosen to break said laws. That this must be mentioned is a sad commentary on the state of our (un)civilized country where crooks are set free and those who seek to stop them are jailed instead. For a truly pro-life culture, lawbreakers must be punished.

Lastly, I believe that the freedom to think, speak, and worship as we choose is pro-life. In evil regimes where thought and speech and worship are censored and controlled, there is no culture of life, but of death. When entire populations are subjected to the whims of oppressors, the people will suffer and, often, die.

If we are going to call ourselves pro-life, then we must be “for life” in every way. In marriage, in family, in our personal lives, in our relationships, in our speech, in our thoughts, in our actions and deeds and behaviors, we must be about the business of life. We must know it, believe it, hold it, have it, and give it.

“The power of life and death is in the tongue.” So wrote the wise King Solomon. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” He wrote that, too.

Every time we open our mouths, we show what’s in the heart. When we speak, it will either be apples of gold in pictures of silver, or it will be the stench of decay. One is the language of life. The other is the language of death.

The language of life? It is love.

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