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Joe Rogan tops chart, but Rush Limbaugh is still the king, even in death – ‘a remarkable testament to his legacy’


A new survey charting the popularity of 2024 radio programs and podcasts reveals that even in death, one name still tops the charts as king!

In terms of popularity, one voice with “talent on loan from God” left others in the dust – Rush Limbaugh ranked No. 1 as most famous with 85% of those surveyed.

After over three decades on the air, “The Rush Limbaugh Show” ended in 2021 when the conservative radio legend passed away at age 70 due to lung cancer, but it continues to dominate as the YouGov survey reveals.

(Image: YouGov)

Tied with Limbaugh’s show for first place in terms of fame is “The Howard Stern Show,” and Rogan’s podcast came in fourth, with 76% saying they had heard of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” But even the survey’s results showed that when people ranked shows and podcasts with a positive opinion, Limbaugh had a 41% favorability – higher than any other host besides Rogan.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” made it into a top position, with 44% of those surveyed saying they had a positive opinion of the podcast which boasts an impressive 14.5 million followers on Spotify.

“Baby Boomers give Limbaugh his highest scores, with 38% saying they have a favorable view of him,” YouGov noted, adding that he ranked third with Gen. X.

The fact that Limbaugh’s name continues to carry such weight with listeners, that even years after being off the air he still scores higher than others currently broadcasting, is not surprising to many who knew him personally.

“What is quite evident to me is the love and trust that Rush Limbaugh had with his audience is undying,” James Golden, longtime call screener, producer, and friend of the legend told this publication.

“Even his passing has not diminished that deep, affectionate bond that Rush created with millions of Americans,” Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” added.

“Every day on social media platforms, people are still quoting Rush, still wondering what he would think on the issues of the day, and still yearning for the wisdom he provided, with the warmth and humor that only he could deliver,” Golden said. “This finding – that three years after his passing – he is still regarded as the number one figure in radio is a remarkable testament to his legacy and his life.”

Golden maintains a special kind of relationship with the legion of fans who share in that yearning. He has a strong bond to The Rush Limbaugh Show listeners that goes back for decades.

Golden’s The Daily BS news project has become a popular hub for followers of both Limbaugh and Golden, according to recent 2024 data. Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, also connects with a syndicated radio show on WABC 77 New York airing on Saturday mornings from 7-3, and a weekday Rush Hour show that airs from 4-5 PM EST.

Writer, producer and historian Dean Karayanis worked with Limbaugh for over 25 years and thinks the king of talk radio would be “jazzed” to know he is still loved by his audience.

“I can hear Rush now: ‘Saying more after three years on the wrong side of the grass than any host alive,'” the New York Sun columnist told this publication.

“He’d be jazzed to know that the connection he built with the audience endures,” Karayanis continued, “but surprised and saddened that so few followed his legacy: Put ideas first, embrace the unique intimacy of radio as a medium, and never let the audience think you look at them as customers to be fleeced.”

For 29 years, Diana Allocco was managing editor of The Limbaugh Letter and she sees Limbaugh’s enduring popularity as nothing short of “incredible.”

“So Rush is still THE most famous more than three years after his passing – and still in the top 5 most popular. Incredible,” she said. “Proving Rush was right when he said, ‘I’m not going away until every American agrees with me.'”