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Good morning, friends!

There is plenty to talk about on this Thursday morning. Diving right in.

We generally try to focus on the “Tuckers” and “Pirros” of Fox News and ignore the secret leftists and the personalities with severe TDS.

But, with Tucker gone and conversations like this taking place regularly, we thought it was wise to share.

The interview between Neil Cavuto and Vivek Ramaswamy is going all kinds of viral on Twitter and we can see why. Is anyone else seeing a Trump/Ramaswamy ticket on the horizon?

He OWNED and OUTCLASSED Cavuto by a New York mile!

“When the people behave like sheep, that breeds a government of wolves,” the rising candidate quoted confidently. He may not be the first to use a quote like that, but Ramaswamy seems to know where this country is headed and exactly the tone he needs to win.

Glenn Beck shares a message from Apple canceling his podcast. “It’s probably just a glitch,” he says. “The closer we get to this election, the more and more glitches are going to happen.” The podcast appears to be back up.

Gotta’ love Megyn! She’s not intimidated by anything. I think she totally nailed this.

This was a crazy story and video. It shows the moments a female cop was being attacked with a hammer. According to cops, she used her weapon but she did not use deadly force. If she had, the narrative would have been much different. Do you think she would have been justified in using deadly force instead of being bashed with a hammer?

This is a raw snapshot of what cops have to face regularly with folks that resist arrest. Since there was no racial component in this one, and it doesn’t fit any political narrative, you won’t see it in too many places.

More insights from Clown World:

Ending with some important information from Tucker. This is an archived report that has much more context now. Refill your cup and check this out.

We are out of time! Let’s talk about the news. Give me a shout in the comments if you have thoughts!
Have a great day!

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  1. This is what we get when our gutless party, that supposed to be working for us, lets the fraud go. What is to stop the corrupt left from doing this every election ( like they haven’t done it already besides the current elections) when the Republicans talk of fighting for us, yet when something as important as this is disregarded? Part of the gutless Republican party even sides with the commie Democrats and attacks the few good Republicans that try to pursue the fraud through legal means. Just look at the Trump/biden election!

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