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Bo Snerdley: Where is the shame? 45 angry Republicans cry over Kevin McCarthy


Notice how angry certain Republicans are that Kevin McCarthy got deposed.

45 of them wrote a letter to tell the mainstream press they were “embarrassed and ashamed” of what transpired.

Where is the embarrassment over not having a real spending bill to control the outrageous, non-stop waste of taxpayer dollars?

Where is the shame over our open borders?

Where is the embarrassment over letting Donald Trump’s presidency being subjected to spying from intel /FBI – the phony Russian collusion hoax with ZERO accountability?

Where is the shame over letting the left get away with turning our schools into indoctrination centers and leaving it to mothers to combat it?

Where is the embarrassment over allowing elections to be run in a manner that leaves half the country believing they are unfairly run?

They moan and groan when their Capitol building was “invaded” but do nothing when our country is invaded and rogue DA’s allow criminals to roam the streets to prey on helpless innocent citizens.

Feckless. Spineless. Despicable.

Keep crying over Kevin McCarthy while the rest of the country cries over the state of this nation.


  1. I totally agree but find very few who agree with me or your summary. Republicans are an embarrassment and they need a major shakeup. If only we can get Jim Jordan in and attempt to change things. We do not need another weak leader. I am very happy this happened. The reaction of the house republicans shows you how many swamp rats are in our party!

  2. Well these are the 45 that should be voted out of office when their respective elections come to be. They are just as bad as democrats. Stop with your agendas and work for the good people that put you in office.
    I have lost all respect I ever had for politicians who are supposed to smart, educated, working for the people and this republic.

    Instead you prove to the people that the Republican Party is no better than the Democratic Party. I despise what you have become and y’all need to really prove to your voters what this party stands for.
    If the government needs to be shut down then let it happen. It’s been done before and we’re still functioning.
    So let’s wipe your tears, grow a pair and do what this party is supposed to stand for.

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