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‘Something is just off’: Ex-military cop wanted for Jan 6 participation goes on the run, is hunted like an animal


The FBI Newark SWAT, Jamesburg Police Department, and Middlesex County Prosecutors Office are currently searching for Gregory Yetman, a man accused of spraying pepper spray at the US Capitol on January 6th.

Yetman, who is a former military police officer and served in the New Jersey National Guard, according to his LinkedIn page, fled from authorities when they approached his home on Wednesday morning.

An all-out manhunt has been in place to find the suspect, who had spoken to the FBI previously about his involvement the day of the riots.

Yetman admitted to being at the scene but insists that he did nothing wrong that day.

Authorities say he fled into the woods near his property and he may be armed, but the amount of force brought to his home for his arrest has raised some eyebrows on X.

Responses from fellow retired Army veterans say that the amount of effort authorities are taking to bring this one man into custody is highly suspicious.

Army veteran, James Letts shared a theory on X. “It’s more than just off. Patriot,” he wrote.

“Having served in the intelligence apparatus for a time in the Military. No way they are deploying that much Manpower, an lethal Force. For just a random man who just happened to be at the events of Jan 6. An Operation like what I am seeing has to be green lighted from the very top. ( I would say for a operation like this ,they would have to have a little more than articulated suspicion of a Threat to National Security) However with this MARXIST Regime anything is possible. I will go on record an say. He has something they wasn’t back or they don’t want leaked.”

Another retired Army veteran Sean Gatton agreed.

“So… one dude who was present at the Capitol on J6 gets a manhunt, wasting 100s of man-hours, yet they can’t protect our border? They’re acting like he’s a presidential assassin. They’ve had 0 problem executing dissidents in no-knock raids, so there’s something more to this,” Gatton wrote.

“Approximately 1,200 people have been charged with Capitol riot-related federal crimes,” according to “Over 800 of them have pleaded guilty or been convicted by a jury or judge after a trial. More than 700 of them have been sentenced, with roughly two-thirds receiving terms of imprisonment ranging from three days to 22 years.”

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