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Elon Musk tells advertisers trying to bully X into censorship: ‘Go f*ck yourself’ in jaw-dropping interview


Elon Musk is willing to apologize for words that some considered antisemitic but he is clearly not going to bow to those trying to censor him on his own platform.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO who bought Twitter in 2022 has no difficulty expressing himself and did so without reservation on Wednesday, telling advertisers who attempt to influence him by boycotting or leaving the social media platform now known as X that they can “Go f**k yourself.”

Musk was speaking at The New York Times DealBook Summit. in New York City when the topic of the current exodus of advertisers came up. While he acknowledged his “dumbest” ever social media post which many considered to be antisemitic, he pulled no punches with companies making an exit from X in the wake of the controversial tweet.

“I don’t want them to advertise,” he told New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin. “If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money, go f**k yourself. Go. F**k. Yourself.”

“Is that clear? Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience, that’s how I feel” Musk added, in a direct message to  Disney CEO Bob Iger, who spoke earlier at the summit about the company’s decision to stop advertising on X.

Musk’s abrupt and direct response left Sorkin at a momentary loss of words and seemed to catch the audience by surprise as well.

“The whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail,” he warned.

“I have no problem being hated. Hate away,” he told Sorkin.

Musk also said that his trip to Israel this week “wasn’t an apology tour,” and that “it wasn’t in response to all of that,” referring to the backlash he received.

“I think over time it’ll be obvious that I’m far from antisemitic,” he explained to Sorkin after apologizing for the post.

“Musk has faced accusations from the Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Jewish civil rights organization, and others of tolerating antisemitic messages on the platform since purchasing it last year. The content on X, formerly Twitter, has gained increased scrutiny since the war between Israel and Hamas began in October,” Fox Business reported.

“A slew of big brands, including Disney and IBM, stopped advertising on the platform this month after a report by liberal advocacy group Media Matters said their ads were appearing alongside pro-Nazi content and White nationalist posts,” the outlet added.

Musk’s company then responded with a lawsuit, accusing Media Matters of making up the report to “drive advertisers from the platform and destroy X Corp.”

Musk’s bold stance with advertisers found plenty of supporters on the social media platform after his remarks Wednesday.

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  1. Here is the perfect example of what the left has to offer you. Mr Musk is an independent person who sees freedom as something that needs to be fought for. He speaks his mind and it doesn’t coincide with the left’s ideology so they are out to destroy him. You see, if you don’t kiss the feet of the wealthy powerful left, and their hate America agenda, they will do everything they can to ruin you, under the disguise of saving democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy! The left wants a democracy because then majority rules on everything. That is why they push to get rid of the electoral college , in the name of saving democracy.
    I back Mr Musk one hundred percent, and I hope conservatives use his businesses and keep them going in the face of these communist clowns!

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