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Pro-Palestine protesters brawl against NYPD officers at Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting


As crowds gathered to watch the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting in New York City, pro-Palestinian protesters were blocks away clashing with police during a demonstration.

Security measures were increased as the New York Police Department had anticipated the anti-Israel protest would aim to disrupt the holiday tradition. But demonstrators still broke through barricades and some even physically engaged with police, resulting in moments of chaos captured on video.

“Throughout the night, the NYPD tried to contain the group by holding lines and putting up barricades, but tensions escalated, reaching a boiling point when some demonstrators and officers squared off, throwing fists and falling to the ground,” CBS News reported.

The “Flood The Tree Lighting For Gaza” protest led to multiple arrests and much of the video captured was shared by journalist Julio Rosas.

“Eventually, the barricades and cops could not contain the crowd. People broke through and began marching through the streets while officers continued to make one arrest after another,” CBS News reported.

“Crowd came and attacked, and it was a melee,” one witness told CBS News.

Police reported that the tree-lighting ceremony was not disrupted.

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