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Tucker and Marjorie Taylor Greene swap dirt on why they hate Republicans as much as Dems right now


U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene found her early treatment as an outsider in Washington, D.C. to be “shocking” and spoke to Tucker Carlson about why she hates Republicans right now.

The fiery Georgia lawmaker spoke with the former Fox News host on episode 43 of “Tucker on X,” covering a wide range of topics including her take on fellow Republicans in Congress and how they are not doing a “damn thing” to stop Democrats implementing their dangerous policies.

“You have one party that’s destroying the country at high speed, and another party that’s helping them do it. And then the majority of the population to one degree or another is not on board with this … Like that can’t continue forever, can it?”Carlson asked after a discussion about funding overseas conflicts like the one in Ukraine.

“Here’s why I hate Republicans right now. They don’t do a damn thing to stop it, Tucker. They campaign on it every single cycle. They talk about it. They go on the news and say all these wonderful sounding things to their voters and their donors,” Greene replied.

“They do their committee hearing five-minute clips and post it all over social media and then they send red meat fundraising emails and no one does a damn thing to stop the agenda that is literally killing Americans, killing Americans every day,” she added.

Greene also weighed in on new House Speaker Mike Johnson and how she is already “extremely disappointed” in some of his efforts.

“Let’s be very honest, this is nothing he ever planned for, was not prepared for. Had no base staff ready for this. It’s literally something he luckily got thrown into — thrown in a hot frying pan. Being speaker of the House is one of the hardest jobs in the country. It really is,” she said. “This is a CEO position of one of the most powerful companies, so to speak, in the world — or the most powerful one.”

“And I was extremely disappointed when the first thing our new Speaker Mike Johnson does as a conservative, is he brings a continuing resolution to the floor … that just completely funds Joe Biden and his administration’s budget that Nancy Pelosi created and passed during my first term, which I hated, absolutely hated,” Greene told Carlson.

“I hated Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. I hated the bills that she put, I hate the budget — I think it’s disgusting, it’s filled with utter, horrible things. And he passed that clean, like that,” she added.

Greene did not hesitate to name names in calling out those in her own party who don’t behave as she thinks Republicans should. She discussed her many impeachment efforts including the recent motion to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Mike Turner, chairman of Intel … Patrick McHenry, another Chairman — I’m not sure which committee he is. Virginia Fox, chairman of ed and workforce. Four Republicans on the Judiciary Committee which is where impeachment takes place,” Greene said.

“Ken Buck, of course, though we don’t expect anything different from him. Darrell Issa, former chairman of the Oversight Committee from California said that I lacked maturity for trying to impeach Mayorkas, imagine that,” she added.

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