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Jill Biden calls Republicans ‘cruel’ for showing Hunter’s penis pics. It hurts the family-approved grandkids.


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First lady Jill Biden defended Hunter Biden and lamented the “cruel” treatment he has received at the hands of Republicans.

In a sit-down with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski that aired Thursday, Mrs. Biden discussed the “horrible” House Republicans who showed nude photos of Hunter Biden during congressional hearings as she came to the defense of the 53-year-old son of President Joe Biden.

“What they are doing to Hunter is cruel, and I’m really proud of how he has rebuilt his life after addiction. I love my son. It’s hurt my grandchildren. That’s what I’m so concerned about, that it’s affecting their lives as well,” the first lady said from the White House. She didn’t specify whether she meant ALL the grandchildren or just the ‘legitimate’ ones that the Biden family acknowledged from birth.

Mrs. Biden delivered the predictable talking points in the wide-ranging interview, responding to Brzezinski’s question about the “cruelty of MAGA Republicans against your family” by saying it inspires her to keep going.

She warned that Americans have a  choice between “strong, steady leadership” and “chaos and division.”

She dismissed concerns about her husband’s age, saying it was more of an “asset” while claiming he is filled with “vigor” and “energy.”

The first lady’s defense of her family and  Hunter Biden came a day after he made headlines for crashing a House Oversight Committee, hearing that eventually voted on moving ahead with holding him in contempt of Congress for flouting a subpoena to testify last year.

The younger Biden left Washinton, D.C. to head to California where he pleaded not guilty to nine federal tax charges on Thursday, including three felony and six misdemeanor charges that could land him behind bars for 17 years if convicted.

The arraignment was held in the Central District of California before District Judge Mark Scarsi, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

The trial date has been set to begin on June 20.

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