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Rush, I miss you more than I’ll ever be able to say – Mr. Snerdley


My friends,

For weeks I have been thinking about what to write on this day, February 17th, the third anniversary of Rush Limbaugh’s graduation into heaven.

The day is now here, and I am still having difficulty. It hasn’t gotten any easier to speak about Rush since his passing, in fact it is growing harder. There is so much that has happened in this nation and around the world that I know he would have commented on in ways that would “make sense of it.” Or, at least put things in a perspective that could bring some measure of comfort. And without that voice of comfort – of reassurance there is so much anxiety when looking at the moral and social decay that has seemed to accelerate across our nation, especially when looking at events shaping the political landscape.

So, this year – instead of a long essay trying to articulate what I think – I have decided to ask what YOU think. Three years after Rush Limbaugh’s last radio broadcast, what is it you remember most about Rush? How did he impact your life? What “Rush story” do you have that you want to share. If you’d like you can respond to [email protected] and please write ‘MY RUSH STORY’ in the subject box,

I do know this. Rush was always the example of the “Happy Warrior” no matter how dismal things seemed to be. He said, last time asked, that there would never be the “time to panic,” because America would always be worth fighting for and saving.

Rush – I miss you more than I’ll ever be able to say.

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  1. Rush was the voice of my conservative life. I was introduced to him this way; you gotta listen to this guy, he says what we say but with a gracious style and humor.

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