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Don Jr. refutes report Trump is ‘pissed’ at Charlie Kirk for ‘causing problems’ for him with Black voters


Reports that former President Donald Trump is not happy with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk have generated comments both corroborating and denying the claim.

Citing the usual unnamed sources for a report on Sunday, NBC News addressed a piece published by RealClear Politics alleging that Trump “is f—ing pissed” that the conservative activist is “causing problems” for him among black voters, claims Kirk dismissed as “noise” meant to distract.

“Trump is f—ing pissed that Charlie is out causing problems for him in the Black community,” one person “close to Trump who claimed direct knowledge of his thinking,” told NBC News.

Donald Trump Jr. denied any such feelings, telling the outlet that the assertion that Kirk is not in “great standing with both my father and the entire Trump campaign” is “nothing more than fiction coming from people jealous of the close relationship Charlie has built with our family.”

“While the outgoing RNC regime is too busy planting silly hit pieces with NBC against me, our team was hard at work registering new voters and hiring ballot chasers,” Kirk wrote in a post on X Sunday. “Ignore the noise. We are running out of time. We need major action to win. Let’s go!”

The NBC report noted that several in the Trump orbit have brought their concerns about Kirk to the former – and perhaps future – president, referring to Kirk’s efforts in ousting Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

“But the RNC effort has Kirk increasingly under the microscope in Trump world. In recent weeks, at least three people, including McDaniel herself, have privately warned Trump about Kirk’s conduct, seven sources familiar with the discussions told NBC News,” the report stated. “NBC News spoke with more than two dozen Republicans for this report. Both the RNC and Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment.”

Nevertheless, NBC News continued on the track reported by RealClear Politics to claim that McDaniel spoke with Trump about Kirk at his Mar-a-Lago resort this month. This, in turn, led to concerns from Pastor Darrell Scott who. along with others, were angry with Kirk’s podcast comments calling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy a “myth,”

“Scott said he could “neither confirm nor deny” that the conversation with Trump took place. But he acknowledged that he has heard from people close to Trump who share his view that Kirk’s commentary may harm the former president’s prospects with Black voters,” according to NBC News.

“I’ve got to say, racism is like the word ‘ugly.’ I can’t always describe it, but I know it when I see it,” the longtime Trump backer told the news outlet. “That boy’s a racist right there.”

Trump Jr. dismissed the claims about Kirk by those “manufacturing lies” against him

“Frankly, it’s sad that there are some people attempting to increase their own relevancy by manufacturing lies that Charlie is on the outs,” he said in a statement. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Andrew Kolvet, a Turning Point spokesperson, noted that they were  “warned” recently “to brace for” attacks against the organization and its founder “as a parting shot from the old guard at the RNC.”

“When you take on the RNC, you’re bound to make a few enemies,” he said.

“But there will be no more business as usual, and President Trump supports and champions that,” Kolvet added. “We are his greatest defenders and Charlie’s relationship with the president remains excellent.”

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  1. Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA is doing an outstanding job for the 2024 election. The RNC should be working with him.

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