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The indispensable man’s indispensable man


James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” was with Rush Limbaugh from the beginning to the final, tearful episodes.
As call screener, “Official Program Observer,” producer, and friend of Rush, Golden shares behind the scenes anecdotes that grew the massive audience of devoted listeners.

For the many who knew the voice of Bo Snerdley, but wondered about the man (and why Rush trusted him so much), James Golden’s personal story, fascinating career, and insights for today will delight and surprise you.

“Bo Snerdley” was the unheard half of a decades-long radio partnership with America’s Number One broadcaster Rush Limbaugh. Tens of millions of Americans knew his name without ever knowing his voice.

For that smaller number of us who had him in our headphones over the years, “Mr Snerdley” was a strange mix: half of what he said in your ear would get you fired if you repeated it on air, and the other half were sharp insights into the world’s affairs that made you realize that, if Rush was American conservatism’s indispensable man, Snerdley was the indispensable man’s indispensable man.

James is the only man who could tell this tale, and he has done so brilliantly.

Mark Steyn

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