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Jeanine Pirro calls on Biden to issue bold travel alert to the world: ‘We’re done with everybody!’


Fox News host Jeanine Pirro had a wish list of sorts for President Joe Biden ahead of a speech he was set to deliver to the American people on Thursday.

Among her pointed directives was to call the feeble 80-year-old commander-in-chief to “issue a travel alert to the world,” effectively preventing anyone else from coming into the U.S. in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel.

“I want him to call out Iran, I want him to say ‘I want those hostages back,'” Pirro said on “The Five” Thursday.

“And today you mentioned the State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert to Americans. I want Joe Biden to issue a travel alert to the world,” she continued. “None of you are coming here anymore. We’re done with everybody.”

She also demanded that Biden “take the FBI off the Catholics, off the parents, and off the political enemies.”

“I want him in the chatrooms, I want him online,” the Fox News host added “I want him to find the threats to Americans that they missed with the Boston bomber, San Bernardino, the Pulse Nightclub, and I want the world to respect us again.”

Certainly a tall order for a man who struggles to speak coherently at times and to navigate a set of steps.

Later in the show, Pirro declared that the Biden administration is funding the #1 sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Earlier this week, Pirro criticized Biden’s “watered down” comments during his trip to Israel, contending that his presence there “delayed the ground invasion” of Gaza.

“He gave kind of a nice speech,” she said on “The Five” Wednesday. “But he displayed no strength.

“I think he delayed the ground invasion,” Pirro said. “I think the hostages are still there. I know they are still, with no independent third party like the International [Committee of the] Red Cross. And he put a burden on Israel, which I thought was really interesting. He said ‘Today, I asked the Israeli cabinet to agree to the delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance to citizens in Gaza based on the understanding there will be inspections, that the aid should go to the civilians and not Hamas.’”

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