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‘This is bulls***’: Top Republican investigating Biden calls Democrat a ‘liar’ and a ‘SMURF’


Oversight Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., bashed a House Democrat as a “liar” and a “Smurf” in a heated dispute during a House hearing on Tuesday.

Comer was increasingly irritated by the “bullsh-t” accusations being leveled by Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fl., and called him out at one point as tensions mounted in Monday’s House Oversight Committee hearing.

“I’m happy to yield you some of my time today, Mr. Chairman, because I think you owe it to the American people to explain why you’ve gone on Fox News and told people, while the president was out of office, he had a loan with his brother, and in a way they were evading taxes. It has come out in the public that you also do business with your brother with potential loans,” Moskowitz said.

“I would love it!” Comer replied. “You retweeted that story. Completely false. I’ve never loaned my brother one penny.”

“That story that you tweeted also said that I had a shell company. That is bullsh-t!” the chairman declared. “I think that the problem is, you know, the White House tried to get CNN to write that story. They went around and investigated all this bullsh-t…that only dumb financially illiterate people pick up on, and said that it was a shell company because it was an LLC.”

As he continued to call out his Democrat colleague, Moskowitz attempted to regain his time.

“No! I’m not going to give you your time back! We can stop the clock. You all continue to — you look like a Smurf here, just going around and all this stuff, now listen — ” Comer fired back, evidently focusing on the Democrat’s all-blue attire.

“Mr. Chairman, this seems to have gotten under your skin! I think the American people have lots of questions, Mr. Chairman. Perhaps you should sit, maybe, for a deposition — ” Moskowitz argued.

“I would be happy! I can sit with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and we can go over our LLCs!” Comer shot back.

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