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Megyn Kelly RAGES at parents of ‘a**hole’ youth responding to bin Laden’s ‘Letter to America’: ‘You failed!’


If you’re struggling to express how angry you feel at the response of young Americans to Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America,” which has gone viral this week, you are not alone.

Former Fox News host and popular podcaster, Megyn Kelly captured the feeling perfectly in a tweet and a podcast on Thursday. It is worth watching, as painful as it is …

Her tweet read:
To the parents of all of these losers suddenly persuaded by the deranged musings of the man who murdered 3k American innocents: you failed. You were likely boozing, marching for some L-wing cause and/or simply ignoring your kids. You failed to teach wrong from right, a proper moral code, a love of country and perspective on America’s role in the world. Bc you failed, my kids and others are going to have to grow up battling these assholes for the future of the United States. I have every confidence they can do it, but I resent and judge you for making it necessary as opposed to fostering a life in which they can focus solely on growth, joy, love, family, hard work and creation. No point getting bogged down in it however, trust me when I tell you that the majority of Americans – this generation and the next – will fight to defeat the pernicious lunacy you’ve unleashed. And we will win.

Kelly is joined by Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz, authors of “Stolen Youth,” to discuss the shocking state of the youth in our country and how we got here.


Earlier in the month, Kelly expressed her frustration about a similar topic.

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