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9-year-old Chiefs fan smeared over ‘blackface’ is making Deadspin pay BIG


A sports blog has been hit with a defamation lawsuit after publishing an attack on a nine-year-old in a Native American game-day costume that went viral.

Deadspin eventually offered an apology of sorts after calling out the young Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta for his traditional Native American headdress and what appeared to be “blackface” makeup at November’s Chiefs game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

But the young boy’s family threatened to sue, and they made good on their words this week.

Armenta’s parents, Shannon and Raul, filed a lawsuit in Delaware against Deadspin  on Tuesday, saying the defamatory article exposed “the family to a barrage of hate, including death threats.”

“The Article falsely alleged that [Holden] had ‘found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.’ It alleged that [Holden]’s parents, Shannon and Raul, ‘taught’ [Holden] ‘racism and hate’ at home,” the lawsuit states.

“It intentionally painted a picture of the Armenta Family as anti-Black, anti-Native American bigots who proudly engaged in the worst kind of racist conduct motivated by their family’s hatred for Black and Native Americans,” it continues.

The news site and its senior writer Caron Phillips were accused of using the article and a photo of the young boy to “maliciously and wantonly attack a nine-year-old boy and his parents for Phillips’ own race-drenched political agenda.”

The lawsuit says the outlet did not retract the article or apologize to the family despite requests to do so.

“Deadspin has gone too far. [Holden] should not have to live with his face being plastered on social media alongside false and defamatory accusations of racist conduct. His parents should not be forced to live with the false and defamatory allegation that they are teaching ‘hate in the home,’” the lawsuit reads.

.The family is seeking unspecified damages and other “remedies as the Court may deem just and proper.”

“The Armenta Family brings this lawsuit to set the record straight and to hold Deadspin accountable for willfully spreading incendiary lies about a nine-year-old child who it chose as a vehicle for its race-baiting agenda.”

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