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Daily BS Morning Tweet Tracks 7-21


Good morning and happy Friday!

The Daily BS team has put together highlights from this morning’s Twitter universe. Feel free to add comments.

Some tweets are viral, some are buried treasure, but all of them are raw snippets of the conversations the world is having today.

We’re going with “Viewer discretion advised” on the first one. And, clean up on aisle 4:

Now that the explosive FBI evidence is being exposed about the alleged Biden crime family, the left is scrambling to find another candidate for 2024. Kim Dotcom is not the only one making this prediction about Michelle Obama. What do you think the chances are?

In case you missed it, this is part of the circus that happened on the Hill yesterday. Watch if you have not seen this.


Kamala, again! A lie that many low-information Americans will believe and little by little, they build their own kingdom on lies.

ICYMI: Romney does Romney.

This one is really hard to watch. We like Martha, but she let him get away with this answer and it made you want to throw a shoe at the TV!

This one is heartbreaking and packs a powerful visual punch.

Self-explanatory moronic gibberish.

A uniquely long message from our friend Catturd!

Listen to my interview with Catturd:

Let’s talk! Share your comments! Have a great weekend!

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